Gettin' Hot N Juicy in Las Vegas

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

If you are one of the few Las Vegans who has never set foot into one of the four Hot N Juicy Crawfish locations, here’s the lowdown. This seafood-centric restaurant offers 10 options of food by the pound decked out in your selected seasoning and spice level. There are whopping 250 possible combinations. Check it out!

Seasonings:Louisiana, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, Juicy Cajun, Hot N Juicy

Spice Levels: Baby Spice, Mild, Medium, Spicy, Extra Spicy

I decided to delve into the realm of all things Hot N Juicy and try each of the five seasonings to give you fine people of Las Vegas the ultimate flavor profile breakdown. (You won’t find it online; Hot N Juicy holds the secret closely!) To keeps things fair I selected shrimp as my main seafood base and a medium spice level across the board. Here is what I found…

Louisiana: A thin, light base that is a bit spicy, think of a very traditional, authentic backyard Cajun crawfish and shrimp boil. This seasoning has got to be complimentary to nearly everything on the Hot N Juicy menu.

Lemon Pepper: A thin, light base with an immediate zesty citrus kick, it is both refreshing and tangy and a great wake-me-up to the tastebuds.

Garlic Butter: A medium to thick base, it is noticeably chunkier than the aforementioned seasonings. If you didn’t know by the overwhelming scent of garlicky goodness in your face when you first open the bag, then you will when it hits your tongue. This seasoning is most definitely equal parts garlic and butter. A true go-to for garlic fans.

Juicy Cajun: A heavy, chunky, thick base, that is also very garlic forward. This rich sauce has hints of citrus, a little sweetness and lots of butter. Each and every shrimp is coated head to tail in the thick sauce. (Yes, the heads stay on – if you get this in the crawfish base option, feel free to suck on the heads for extra flavor, most all the regulars do!)

Hot N Juicy: This is the sauce Hot N Juicy named after themselves so the hype is real! This thick original base is full of garlic chunks and is packed with flavor, it is unique in concept and unlike anything I have ever tasted seafood coated in. It is seemingly all of the sauces mixed together because it carries hints of everything previously described in the other seasonings. It way by far this writer’s favorite.

For a pro tip, be sure to order a side of rice and pour your favorite seasoning on top (they sells sides of any seasoning sauce), or if you want to go the “cheat day” route, snag a basket of Cajun fries to dip. You wont regret it!

All in all you truly can’t go wrong, but Las Vegas I wanna know! What is your favorite Hot N Juicy seasoning combo?


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