In-N-Out Burger Beef Up

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Everyone has indulged in a good ole In-N-Out Burger at some point or another, but let’s be honest, the tried-and-true recipe could use a little creativity from time to time. So, our Food City Vegas Crew teamed up to create some new ways to beef up your next burger with items you might have around the kitchen.

Here’s what we created.

The Double Double is taken over by a mouthful of jalapeño that kicks in your mouth. You get a pleasurable crunch from the Flamin Hot Cheetos. Ultimately, this is one delicious way to enjoy the Double Double.

  • Freshly Chopped Jalapeños

  • Crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos

  • Sriracha Hot Sauce Drizzle

If you are from the Golden State, you know that Avocado is King. The creamy avocado pairs well with the In-n-Out Burger, giving it a cream like mouthfeel making the burger feel juicier and more filling. The best kick is when you taste the saltiness of the crisp bacon at the end of each bite.

  • Fresh Avocado Slices

  • Thick Cut Bacon Strips

A tangy array of BBQ sauce fills your mouth and makes this burger feel more like a western sandwich than the traditional In-n-Out Burger. The bacon delivers more crunch and you feel like you are mixing Texas BBQ with your favorite cheeseburger.

  • Thick Cut Bacon Strips

  • BBQ Sauce Drizzle


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